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Who we are

Global Stratum visa is a travel agency whose concept aims at helping interested, law abiding Foreigners into Canada and United states of America.

We solicit to the Canadian/American Immigration Authorities on behalf of interested Foreigners who are matured enough to work and fend for themselves. By helping them get a visa into any of the country mentioned of their interest. We Offer our services at a very Reasonable and affordable fee.

Whether you are applying for a resident, study, business visa category, we cover the requirment to make it a success.

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Are you interested in Immigrating for Work purposes, as a permanent Resident and thereafter get Issued a work permit? You will need an employment letter or job offer. You may also be required to provide evidence that you meet the requirement of the job offer.
How we do that and the processing time of your application depends on the type of job/work you intend do do. But do not worry, we are here to help you step by step through all the process.


Are you interested in a study visa? We can help you get a letter of acceptance from any College or University in canada/usa of your choice and help through the entire  process of getting the visa  successfully. Fill the Assessment form and Check on the Student Visa box. ‎
Supporting Documents: Valid International passport and recent passport photographs, 


Are you interested in Business Visa? We can help you submit a really professional looking package that is succinct and only full of the pertinent details that the Immigration Officers reading it are looking for. We know how to phrase a description of your assets to present you like the desirable candidate Canada/USA are looking for. Let us make you look good.


I was trying to get into canada for 2 years unsuccessfully till I met you Global stratum visa. With your help Now am a settled immigrant in canada with a Job. Thanks. 

Isabella Amanuel

I am an engineer from philippine. You make my travelling to America easy. It's good working with you.  
Salamat Po.  

Napoleon Ricardo


Global Stratum visa is an online travel agency whose concept aims at helping interested, law abiding Foreigners into Canada and United states of America. 

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