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About Us

About Us

Global Stratum visa is a travel agency whose concept aims at helping interested, law abiding Foreigners into Canada and United states of America.

We solicit to the Canadian/American Immigration Authorities on behalf of interested Foreigners who are matured enough to work and fend for themselves. By helping them get a visa into any of the country mentioned of their interest. After which an Invitation is sent to them.

We use our expertise, experience and realistic approach, to ensure your petition and application package is complete, accurate, translated and your details and documents are presented well at the Citizen and Immigration, Canada (CIC) or United State Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Whether you are applying as a Visitor, Entrepreneur, Skilled or semi skilled worker, we cover the requirement to make you the strongest candidate you can possibly be.

Our team have the experience and ‎the knowledge you need to help make your quest for work permit and permanent resident status a successful one .  Whether you wish to make your new home in Canada or the United States, we have the experts who know what it takes to get the desired results.

We provide end-to-end visa assistance to help you successfully enter the Canada/United States.

We truly want to help you by applying all our skills, intellect and experience, so you can have a better life in Canada/USA. We know how important applying for permanent resident status or refugee status is to anyone who asks for our help and we want you to know that you are in good hands with Global Stratum.


1. Fill in your personal information in the Application/Assessment form.

2. Verify your application information so we are sure we have the correct details.

3. Your application will be reviewed carefully by our Team after which you will be contacted through your email and phone number if you are eligible for the visa category and if not, we determine and recommend the immigration category that will serve you best.

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Send us an email to filling all your basic informations such as full name, country, phone number, age  etc as they appear in the form along side your scanned  passport photograph and state your request.

4. Make payment for our visa services and any related fees to get started.

5. After Which processing of your Application Begins.

6. After that we'll help you get your visa, secure a Job depending on the application made.

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Top Team Members

John F.O (CEO of Global Stratum Visa)

 Wisdom-Gate (Communication Specialist Graphics and Web)

 Labrandon Little (Account Manager For Global stratum)

  Rebecca Smith (Attorney for Global Stratum Visa)
Joseph Mills (Public Relation Manager)

Why Choose Us

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Honest and Dependable


We Are Always Improving


We Are Passionate


Global Stratum visa is an online travel agency whose concept aims at helping interested, law abiding Foreigners into Canada and United states of America. 

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